SQLRally Dallas 2012 – Community Voting

It’s that time of year!  The pre-cons and regular sessions for SQLRally Dallas 2012 have been announced and it is already looking like an exciting event.  I was fortunate enough to attend SQLRally Orlando 2011 and I had a fantastic time.

My session Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional has proceeded to the voting round, which allows for the SQL community at large to choose the final 20 sessions to be included in the schedule.  It has been my observation that many environments do not approach quality control for their database projects with nearly the same level of detail as they might with other software projects, and in smaller environments  there may be no QA whatsoever.  In my session I cover the basics of test case and test plan preparation and go over many of the edge case scenarios that developers and administrators alike should be aware of.  One of the members of the SQLdm QA team attended this presentation recently and told me they should make me an honorary QA engineer – high praise indeed!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in attending at SQLRally I would really appreciate your vote, as would many other speakers.  There are many worthy sessions and you may choose as many as you like.  Voting is open until 1 PM on Friday, February 24.

If you are a SQL Server professional and have not already done so, consider joining the Professional Association For SQL Server, PASS, at this link.  It is a free membership and a great way to keep informed about local and national SQL Server training events like SQLRally

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  1. Nancy Hidy Wilson says:

    Vicky recently presented this topic to the Houston Area SQL Server User Group (HASSUG) and did a great job! Definitely a topic that devs and DBAs alike should attend and then incorporate into their test cycles. I hope this is selected for SQLRally.

    Nancy Hidy Wilson
    Chapter Leader, HASSUG

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