Speaking at SQLSaturday #111 in Atlanta on April 14

A month from today on April 14, 2012 I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday #111 in Atlanta, GA (or, more precisely, in Alpharetta, GA).  This will be my first trip to Georgia and I’m delighted to be able to present alongside some of the biggest names in the SQL Server community.  It’s a great honor to be chosen and I am so looking forward to the event.

For this SQLSaturday I’ll be giving my presentation Introduction to Common Table Expressions.  In this example-heavy session I offer an introduction to T-SQL common table expression syntax and cover the basics of recursive expressions, with an eye toward when and how this style of coding can improve maintainability.  I’ll also touch upon when it makes sense to use recursive CTEs (spoilers: not very often).

I look forward to meeting many of you at SQLSaturday #111.  You can see this and all of my upcoming and past SQL Server events here.

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