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Submit to speak at SQLSaturday Houston by March 15

SQLSaturday #107 in Houston is coming up on April 21, 2012.  The list of submitted sessions so far is fantastic, but ultimately incomplete if you have not yet added yours to the mix.  The deadline for Houston is a week from today on March 15, so don’t delay! SQLSaturdays are a great first time speaking  Read more »

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Using Excel to parse Set Statistics IO output

When tuning T-SQL, “set statistics io on” is definitely your friend. However, I know I cannot be the only developer whose eyes glaze over when I flip over to the Messages tab in SSMS and am greeted with this: That 58-line monstrosity is brought to us by our friend sp_help. Scanning through all that output  Read more »

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Speaking at PASS SQLRally 2012 in Dallas, TX

I am humbled and delighted to announce that my session Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional was chosen as a community pick for SQLRally 2012 in Dallas.  I feel honored and privileged to have this opportunity and I thank each of you for your support through the voting process. SQLRally Dallas 2012 will be  Read more »

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Data Type Conversions with Coalesce and IsNull

One topic I have spoken on a few times in the past few months, but have not elaborated on a great deal, is the issue of bugs caused by data type conversions when using the IsNull expression in T-SQL.  This is a relatively subtle issue, though, and deserving of some attention, so I thought I  Read more »

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SQLRally Dallas 2012 – Community Voting

It’s that time of year!  The pre-cons and regular sessions for SQLRally Dallas 2012 have been announced and it is already looking like an exciting event.  I was fortunate enough to attend SQLRally Orlando 2011 and I had a fantastic time. My session Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional has proceeded to the voting  Read more »

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Speaking at Houston Area SQL Server User Group 2/14

I am speaking on Edge Case Testing for Database Professional at the Houston Area SQL Server User Group meeting on 2/14/2012 at 11:30 AM.  Further details and directions are available here. In this presentation I go over the basics of test case and test plan creation and cover the 9 main areas of edge case testing  Read more »

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